Hair Laser

Uneven Beard

It is often due to genetics passed down from parents or varying levels of hormones, or lack of certain nutrients and vitamins in the diet.




How does it work & Benefits

Cosmetic laser hair removal is a practical method for resolving the problem as it can thin out hair by 70% – 85%. This makes it perfect for trimming your beard as desired and lessening the coarseness of the hair overall.
Men can use cosmetic laser treatment on the tops of their cheeks, the stray hairs around their beard or mustache, and the neck where most ingrown hairs appear.

Pre & Post


Zovirax: Take as directed. Begin 2 days before surgery and complete all medication. Keflex/Antibiotic: Take as directed. Begin 2 days before surgery and complete all medication. Pain Medication: Take as directed as needed for pain. You are advised to take your pain medication for at least the first 48 hours.

Preoperative Skin Treatment:

• Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser: Use twice daily, in the morning and at night.

• Conditioning Gel: Use in the morning and at night under moisturizer beginning two (2) weeks prior to surgery.

• Face Cream: Use twice daily, in the morning and at night


• Do not pick or rub to remove dead skin or scabs, as this may increase the risk of scarring. Any scabs should be gently soaked off.

• Do not apply Neosporin or any other ointment, including Vitamin E, to the face. This could increase the risk of infection.

• Do not expose the skin directly to the sun for 2-3 months. It is very important to keep the area protected from the sun for the next several months to avoid changes in skin pigmentation and to minimize redness. For 3-4 weeks after surgery, a sunblock containing zinc oxide should be applied.

• If the skin around the mouth is tight, you may use a straw for drinking.

• Avoid strenuous exercise for two (2) weeks to avoid irritating the skin.

• Avoid drafts, fans, or air conditioners, as air blowing on treated areas may cause stinging and dryness.


Results may vary depending on hair thickness and density, as well as the skin around the treatment area. You can expect results to become evident around two weeks after the first session, although you will need to complete six sessions over 6 – 8 weeks for maximum effect.

Laser hair removal will last for two to six years. However, maintenance sessions one to four times a year may be needed to keep the area hairless forever.

Side Effects

Uneven Beard