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Dandruff is related to Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD), which causes itchy and flaky skin, but it only occurs on the scalp. It’s so common that it affects about half of the global adult population.




How does it work & Benefits

PRP is a thick liquid with concentrated platelets of pure plasma, rich in growth factors. Made from your drawn blood.

Pre & Post


• Applying Cream Products before at least 2-3 days should be avoided
• Alcoholic take should be avoided
• Vitamin E & Ginko Biloba intake should be avoided
• Painkillers intake should be avoided
• Pregnant\Breast feeding women aren’t recommended to do this procedure


• Touching treated areas should be avoided to minimize the risk of infection
• Do not wash your face or apply any product for 6 hours after the procedure
• Sun Exposure should be avoided
• Waxing &Bleaching should be avoided for 5 days
• Swimming should be avoided for a few days


Results can be seen after one treatment, but generally, 2‐3 sessions are recommended, but some cases need more sessions.

PRP’s results are long-lasting (several years) especially with a healthy lifestyle and good skincare routine.

Side Effects