Body Sagginess

Firm skin can stretch and snap back into place easily. When skin loses this ability, it starts to sag almost anywhere on the body which is called body sagging.




How does it work & Benefits

Radiofrequency waves are delivered on the skin to create micro dermal wounds with heat, which then activate the body’s natural wound healing process.

Pre & Post


• Wear comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment.

• Do not eat a high-carb meal 2 hours before treatment. Avoid severe restriction of calorie intake.

• The areas to be treated should be clean.

• Avoid waxing or other procedures that irritate the skin 4 days before treatment.

• Unless prescribed by the doctor, avoid NSAIDS (Aspirin, Panadol, and Ibuprofen) for 24 hours prior to treatments as this can increase the risk of bruising.


• Wear your compression garment as instructed by your clinician.

• You should not have any deep tissue massage for 48 hours following each treatment.

• You should not tan or use any tanning products or have prolonged unprotected sun exposure during the course of your treatment.

• You should not participate in any contact sports for 48 hours after treatment.


A course of 3-6 treatments with 4 weeks intervals is needed to achieve the desired outcome. Visible results can be observed immediately after the first treatment

A touch-up session every 3 months is needed to maintain the result.

Side Effects

Body Sagginess