Jaq Iglesias

I like this clinic. Dr. Mona and Dr. Ebtihal were particularly amazing. They would suggest procedures that were specific to your needs. They won’t force you to take procedures that you’re not comfortable with. They would explain and give unbiased consultation. Dr. Muna was amazing with laser. And Dr. Ebtihal was very gentle doing the mesoeye. My choice of clinic in Abu Dhabi!

Rachel Montague

Was reluctant to try this clinic once I read some of the reviews. But I’m so happy to report my experience has been amazing overall. The facility is super bright and clean, the staff are incredibly kind and knowledgeable and the pricing is the best in the UAE. I had BTL’s Emsculpt treatments, and the results are fantastic. Thank you so very much! One treatment I purchased from their website for Coolsculpting was out of stock when i reached the clinic, and the staff refunded my money without hesitation.

Emem Flores

Love coming back here. Purchased a 12 session facial package and just had my 9th facial session done with Aubrey. All the therapists were all excellent, and each visit they did different types of facial treatment depending on the condition of my skin. The center is very clean, friendly staff, and with modern equipments. Would highly recommend this wellness centre.