Femi Rejuvenation

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Carbon Laser – Vulva Skin

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The Femi-rejuvenation treatment uses a carbon laser that firms up the skin around your vagina or tightens the vaginal canal.
The carbon laser gently heats the vulva skin.
This heat contracts the existing fibers and stimulates the growth of new collagen and healthy skin.


– Improves and normalizes the blood flow in the genital skin.
– Increases lubrication.
– Restores strength and elasticity of the vulva skin.
– Removes extra tissue that covers the clitoris
– Enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control.

Pre & Post


– Discontinue vaginal products 3 days before your treatment.
– You cannot be on your menstrual cycle during the treatment.


– You should not have sexual intercourse for 3 days.
– You should not use tampons for 3 days.
– Avoid wearing tight items of clothing immediately after application.
– Avoid entering environments such as the sea, swimming pool, or sauna



Is the painful?

– No, during the procedure, you may feel warmness in the pelvic area.

Side Effects

– Increased discharge (sometimes blood-stained) for several days after the treatment.
– Redness
– Risk of infection
– Varying results


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