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1ml Filler for labia majora

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Labial fillers are used to increase the volume of the labia majora – the bigger, outer genital lips.


-Improves the aesthetic appearance.
– Reshape the labia and improves their size.
– Reduces sagginess
– improve the aesthetic appearance.
– Improves skin texture.
– Painless, comfortable, and effective.

Pre & Post


– Discontinue vaginal products 3 days before your treatment.
– You cannot be on your menstrual cycle during the treatment.


– You should not have sexual intercourse for 3 days.
– You should not use tampons for 3 days.
– Avoid wearing tight items of clothing immediately after application.
– Avoid entering environments such as the sea, swimming pool, or sauna

Before & After



Is the painful?

– No, during the procedure, you may feel warmness in the pelvic area.

Side Effects

– Increased discharge (sometimes blood-stained) for several days after the treatment.
– Redness
– Risk of infection
– Varying results


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